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Jordan Peterson nights

Organizator: Mircea Ionita

An informal meetup for the study and dissemination of Jordan Peterson’s lectures on Psychology, Meaning, Belief and the Archetype. 

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist and the author of the multi-million copy bestsellers 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (2018) and Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief (1999). Dr. Peterson shares his widely acknowledged and profound university lectures, as well as many other public appearances and interviews for free on Youtube and has established himself as a cultural and thoughtful inflection point on topics such as meaning, morality, education, belief and fundamentals of religion. 

The idea for this meetup is to gather together like minded people, who would like to deepen or refine their knowledge in psychology, philosophy, social studies and related subject matters. We will drive the discussions by aiming to devour one of Dr. Petersons lectures at a time, discussing and debating the ideas contain therein in person. 

The format will be loose, self-paced, we will pause the lecture as necessary, even if it means that we will complete a single lecture over several meetups; by picking up where we left last time.

The long-term aim for this meetup would be to „graduate” at least one of his complete courses on: 

a) Personality and Its Transformations 

b) Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief 

c) The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories 

Join us at Fab Lab Iasi, on Thursday, 21st of November at 19:30, for our first session where we will attend to a sample lecture of J.B.P. and try to figure out which of the real deal courses listed above we’re going to embark on for the long journey.

Carl Jung and the Lion King in Peterson’s own words:

In this lecture, I use Disney’s Lion King to further illustrate the basic principles of the personality and clinical theories of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, student of Nietzsche and Freud, originator of analytical psychology, and great interpreter of mythology and archetype. 

Feel free to watch this material beforehand and show up prepared, guns ready and blasting bullets of knowledge. This meetup is not affiliated, authorized or endorsed by Dr Jordan B Peterson directly, though many such meetings have sprung up all over the world. 

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