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Europe’s AI Pre-Accelerator, BeAI, opens applications for its 2021 Virtual AI Edition

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, September 9, 2020 –The European artificial intelligence (AI) community, Bucharest.AI, launches the second edition of BeAI, the pre-accelerator program fully dedicated to AI. The call for deep tech startups in Europe  is open through October 6th. Early-stage AI startups and teams are invited to apply at

“Over 70 startups in 9 countries applied to the first edition of the BeAI pre-accelerator, which unfolded from October 1st-December 8th, 2020. 9 startups have successfully completed the program. We’re happy to see part of them transitioning towards more mature businesses and ready-for-market AI-infused products,” says Alexandra Petrus, Bucharest AI Co-Founder. “We’re launching today the second edition of the BeAI pre-accelerator program. Our aim is to help Europe grow into one of the key global AI hubs, while tapping into its AI expertise and rising potential of startups. Through our AI pre-accelerator, we’re also bridging international AI knowledge and resources to benefit both startups and general awareness.” 

Selected startups are to be officially announced on October 8th, paving the way for the BeAI 2021 edition to unfold from October 11th to December 8th. The program will take place entirely online and will peak with a Demo & Pitch session scheduled for the last day of the pre-accelerator. The 10 AI startups will benefit from an 8-week extensive program to be facilitated by over 30 top-line multi-disciplinary experts across 10 AI segments. The second edition of BeAI comes with several additional perks, such as: 

  • direct access to present at DevFest 2021 for up to 6 finalist AI startups, 
  • 2 seats into the AI Accelerator and 2 seats into the 1M Investment Readiness 2022 cohort powered by Techcelerator, 
  • fundraising learnings with rising European crowd investing platform, partner Seedblink, 
  • deck review sessions with Launch – startup founders’ community, 
  • access to APIs and test applications from our partner Orange Romania, or 
  • a fast track to Orange Fab Accelerator

More perks to be announced closer to the start date of BeAI 2021.

Bucharest AI is joined in this journey by their partners: Techcelerator, Seedblink, Launch, The Informal School of IT, and Orange Romania. Amongst the top-line AI Mentors with on-the-ground experience it counts: Google Developer Experts for ML, AI Professors on different AI technologies, Validated AI Startup Founders, Research Scientists, Design Thinking Experts, Tax Technology Advisors and Lawyers, as well as Innovation Managers from Research Institutes, Sales Leaders for AI-fueled products, MarCom Experts for AI packing, and AI Funds Consultants. Its Jury Team of experienced executives, investors or scaled AI startup founders will score and assess teams that apply to the Program.

“We invite you to apply to BeAI’s 2021 Call for Startups if you are a startup with an innovative idea or product already using AI or suitable for AI additions, or if you have a team in place eager to learn how to launch a startup with an AI component,” adds Virgil Ilian, Program Manager #BeAI Pre-Accelerator. “If you don’t find yourself in either of the situations above, but still wish to join the program and find out more about AI, apply and we will try to find a place for you in one of the teams, based on your technical skills and knowledge.” 

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