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Transylvania Angels Network: Enabling Romania’s Startup Ecosystem Through Angel Investing

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Section 1: Introduction

In the dynamic world of startups, angel investing has emerged as a cornerstone for early-stage startups, especially in underdeveloped markets like Romania. 

Our Eastern European nation has shown remarkable resilience and growth in the tech sector, fostering hope and opportunity. Angel investing, characterized by high-risk but potentially high-reward investments made by individuals in startup companies, has been pivotal in this ecosystem’s growth. Success stories are being revealed each year, painting a picture of a thriving ecosystem where innovation meets the right kind of capital and mentorship.

Section 2: Our Beginning

Transylvania Angels Network (T.A.N.) was founded in 2018 by Emmett King and Mircea Vădan, driven by a vision to unlock the potential of startup investing in Romania. Their mission began with assembling a small, dedicated group of 5-10 like-minded, forming the core of T.A.N. This early group of risk takers were united by a shared passion for nurturing the Romanian startup ecosystem.

The initial years were focused on learning and understanding the intricacies of startup investing. The members engaged deeply with the startup pitching process, gaining valuable insights and experience. This foundational period was crucial in shaping T.A.N.’s approach to identifying potential and assessing risks in early-stage ventures.

A significant milestone was reached in 2020 when T.A.N. made its first major investment, raising a round of €200,000 to invest in Telios Care, a pioneer in delivering telemedicine services in Romania. This investment marked the beginning of T.A.N.’s active participation in investing in startups and symbolized its commitment to fostering innovation. Since then, T.A.N. and our members have been involved in over 30 investments, totalling €3.5 million, demonstrating its growing influence and dedication to the Romanian startup ecosystem.

T.A.N.’s journey, characterized by passion, learning, mentoring and strategic investment in growth, highlights the impact of our collective vision and its impact in shaping the growth of the startup landscape of Romania. 

Section 3: What Differentiates Us

Transylvania Angels Network distinguishes itself in the Romanian startup ecosystem through a unique blend of entrepreneurial experience, strategic involvement, and community focus.

Our passion for the startup ecosystem is fundamental. We see beyond investments, believing in the transformative power of startups to grow the economy and give people new opportunities for their careers. This optimistic outlook shapes our approach, attracting forward-thinking individuals and startups to our network.

Mircea Vădan, our co-founder, brings invaluable insight through his involvement in various ecosystem initiatives. His work with FreshBlood, Activize, Cluj Startups, and Spherik Accelerator keeps us at the forefront of innovation, providing a well-rounded perspective that guides our investment decisions. His co-founder Emmett King uses his 4 decades of entrepreneurial experience practiced in both the United States and Romania to support all of our efforts.

Building genuine, authentic connections within our network is key. Our events are more than networking opportunities; they foster a community where members share insights and collaborate, creating a supportive environment for startups and investors.

Our informal yet focused approach balances open communication and creativity with a commitment to achieving tangible results. This ensures we stay adaptable and effective in the dynamic startup landscape.

Section 4: Where We Are Heading

Central to our strategy is the continued identification and support of high-potential startups, emphasizing not just financial returns but also societal and economic contributions. We aim to extend our network, connecting with visionaries in various Romanian cities, and recognizing that great ideas and startups can emerge from anywhere.

Education and inspiration are key: we’re dedicated to demystifying angel investing and encouraging more individuals to join this rewarding journey. Our growth strategy prioritizes organic development, ensuring we maintain the quality and impact of our investments.

Above all, our journey is fueled by passion. We believe in the joy and satisfaction derived from being part of the startup ecosystem, a sentiment we hope to share with more people as we expand our network.

In summary, T.A.N. looks forward to a future where we continue to be a pivotal part of Romania’s thriving startup landscape, fostering innovation, economic growth, and a community united by the transformative power of startups.

Section 5: Successful Story

A prime example of Transylvania Angels Network’s impact is our involvement with Telios Care. This journey exemplifies our approach to startup investment and the tangible results it can yield.

Telios Care’s story with T.A.N. began in 2018, with board members Emmett King and Florin M. Pop playing pivotal roles as founding investors. Their early involvement and belief in Telios Care’s potential set the stage for a fruitful partnership. As the company transitioned from SRL to SA, they invested in a private placement round and were invited to become board members.

The year 2020 marked a significant milestone for both Telios Care and T.A.N. Our network syndicated an investment of €200,000 at a €2 million valuation, marking T.A.N.’s first investment syndicate. This was not just a financial investment; it represented a vote of confidence in the telemedicine firm’s vision and potential.

In 2021, T.A.N. further demonstrated its commitment by raising €800,000 from a €1.2 million funding round, at a valuation of €5.5 million. This round was T.A.N.’s largest fundraising effort to date, showcasing our growing influence and the trust placed in us by our members and the wider investment community.

Throughout this partnership, T.A.N. members, especially Emmett and Florin, have provided more than capital. Their wealth of experience and extensive networks have been instrumental in supporting Telios Care’s growth. They have provided strategic guidance, operational insights, and valuable connections, all of which have been crucial in navigating the challenges and opportunities of scaling a startup.

In 2023, Telios Care is raising a new funding round, with T.A.N. contributing €500,000 as part of a €1.5 million round, at an €11 million valuation. This ongoing investment underscores our belief in Telios Care’s continued growth and success.

Telios Care’s journey with T.A.N. is a testament to our investment philosophy – a blend of strategic capital, active mentorship, and a deep commitment to the growth of our portfolio companies. It exemplifies how we, as a network, not only invest in startups but also become integral partners in their journey towards success.

Section 6: Conclusion

As Transylvania Angels Network looks to the future, we remain committed to our mission of empowering the Romanian startup ecosystem. Our journey so far has been marked by learning, growth, and successful partnerships. We are more than just a network; we are a community of visionaries, innovators, and believers in the transformative power of startups.

We warmly invite potential angel investors who share our vision and passion to join us. We also warmly invite people who would like to learn how rewarding angel investing can be for them as individuals, as well as how important it will be for the riskier end of their portfolio. Together, we will continue to foster a vibrant, innovative, and successful startup ecosystem in Romania and beyond. Stay connected with us or join us to be part of this exciting journey, where every investment is a step towards a brighter, more innovative future.

For more information and to join our network, visit

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