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ARIADNEXT will now operate under the IDnow brand

To support and pursue its European ambition in the digital identity market, IDnow  appoints Bertrand Bouteloup as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Based in France, he  will assume the group-wide commercial end-to-end responsibility. 

Munich & Bucharest, January 26, 2023 – ARIADNEXT, a French company specializing in  remote identity verification and digital identity, was acquired in June 2021 by IDnow, a leading  identity proofing and document signing provider from Germany. Becoming ARIADNEXT by  IDnow, the company consolidatedp its leading position in the European digital identity market.  A year and a half after the official merger, the company decided to move under the single  brand of IDnow in all markets. From today on, ARIADNEXT by IDnow will operate under the  IDnow brand.  

A single brand for a global market  

As a European actor in digital identity, IDnow offers its international customers global solutions  for a range of uses that are becoming increasingly wider as society changes and regulations  evolve. Moving under the IDnow brand, ARIADNEXT by IDnow, a leader in the market, brings  undeniable assets to meet the global challenges of the European markets.  

“In the current context, it is essential to operate under the single IDnow brand. By adopting  the same name and brand identity today, our ambition is to go further together and offer our  customers a variety of secure solutions adapted to all their use cases and regulations,”  explained Marc Norlain, Managing Director and Co-founder of ARIADNEXT and Board  member of IDnow.  

“IDnow is at a pivotal moment in its history. Beyond a simple rebranding, this common identity  symbolizes for us the combination of our strengths and expertise to become the European  reference in the digital identity proofing market. We have great ambitions for the future,  especially in our core markets but also in the development of our unique platform for current  and future customers,” said Andreas Bodczek, CEO of IDnow.  

A French Chief Commercial Officer to fulfill European ambitions 

Bertrand Bouteloup, who held the position of Vice President of Sales at ARIADNEXT for the  last six years, was previously Global Director of the Security Business Unit at Capgemini, then  European Director of Security Services at Unisys, and Managing Director of 8-i, a consulting  and integration company. He will be employing his more than 15 years of management  experience in the IT industry in his new role as CCO of IDnow. 

Cyril Patou will fill the position of Vice President of Sales at IDnow. He most recently held the  position of Regional Director for France, Alps and Southern Europe at Clear Skye. Cyril has  over six years of experience in the digital identity sector, having worked for One Identity and  Ping Identity in France.  

“I am delighted to take on this new challenge within the IDnow group and to drive our revenue  targets in 2023 and beyond. As a group, we want to continue to grow together and leverage  our expertise in the German and French markets across borders. One of my priorities will be  to bring the different commercial teams closer together, and harmonize targets and processes  even further,” said Bertrand Bouteloup.  

“I have known Bertrand for several years now and I look forward to continuing to work with  him in his new role as Chief Commercial Officer. His many years of managerial experience in  the identity verification and cybersecurity industry, coupled with his understanding of our  company values and his vision for our future with a strategic and business-led approach,  means that he is the perfect match for this role,” added Andreas Bodczek.

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