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A major French IT company opens a centre in Iasi

ARIADNEXT, a European provider of solutions for digital identity, identity control, document security and digital signatures, will create more than 100 jobs here.
Iasi remains an attractive destination for IT & Outsourcing companies looking for new markets to expand their operations, even in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. ARIADNEXT, a European provider of solutions for digital identity, identity control, document security and digital signatures, rented 850 square meters of space in the Centro office building, a real estate project of the Tester Group, which belongs to businessman Bogdan Piţigoi. ARIADNEXT, based in France, will create 100 jobs in Iasi by the end of 2021, following the launch of a new service of the company: the manual verification of the ID documents.
Radu Grădinaru, the honorary consul of France, together with Dan Zaharia, partner Extind (local company that offers specialized consultancy on the office market), handled the negotiations with the CEO of the French company, assuring him that our city is able to host such a center. In addition to Iasi, ARIADNEXT also has offices open in Madrid, Warsaw, Rennes, and Paris, from where it delivers fully automated solutions focused on artificial intelligence.

Check in just 12 seconds

Based on Deep Learning algorithms, the IDCHECK.IO solution verifies the authenticity of an ID document and issues a verdict in less than 12 seconds. This means that ARIADNEXT can verify almost all identity documents in a fully automated way. However, there is still a small proportion of documents for which verification cannot be performed or is incomplete, either because the document is not known by their automated services or because algorithms cannot extract the information from the document. In response to these challenges, ARIADNEXT has launched a service for manually verifying the authenticity of documents in Iasi.
„We chose Romania to open our center to offer our customers a service complying with the GDPR. I chose the city of Iasi more precisely because of the historical ties with France and, in addition, because the city of Iasi has the strongest growth in IT services in 2019 „, said for „Ziarul de Iaşi” Guillaume Despagne, chairman of ARIADNEXT.

„The end of the year comes with very good news”

Bogdan Piţigoi, president and founder of Tester Grup, points out that 2020 was a difficult and challenging year, “but fortunately, there are people and companies who have managed to adapt quickly to the changes brought by the pandemic and who have participated, so, to the continued functioning of the Iași economy and, implicitly, of the Romanian economy “.
„The partners of the real estate division of the Tester Group (Ideo, Centro and Solo) were very well organized to successfully continue their activity during this period in which we also took all the necessary measures so that our buildings are safe and permanently functional. Now, the end of the year comes with very good news, the entry into Romania of a very serious and dynamic French company, which has chosen to open its headquarters in Iasi, in the C3 building in the Centro complex of the Tester Group, a modern 8-storey building , environmentally friendly, which recently received Leed Gold certification. We are glad for their entry in the select company of our partners and we wish them a spectacular further development „, Bogdan Piţigoi transmitted for „Ziarul de Iaşi „.

Confirms the attractiveness of the city

According to the volume of commercial transactions, France is for Romania the third customer and the sixth supplier, and the French direct investments in our country have reached a level of almost 5 billion euros, according to the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania (CCIFER) – the main animator of a community of over 550 companies with French capital in Romania, with a presence in all industries and which have a total turnover of over 8.5 billion euros.
„One of the main missions in my capacity as Honorary Consul of France in Iasi is to promote the opportunities offered by our city to potential French investors. I am glad that such an approach was a complete and rapid success in the case of the French company ARIADNEXT, which, in just a few months and especially in such a delicate period, managed to install an IT production entity in our city, which once again confirms the attractiveness of Iasi as a pole for the development of creative, advanced, innovative industries. In addition, this successful French project is for me an additional impetus in my efforts to establish a francophone business club, which will coagulate soon the positive energies of French or francophone companies in Iasi and the region „, said Radu Gradinaru, the honorary consul of France.
Dan Zaharia considers that the choice made by the French company is „a signal of confidence that Iasi receives as a result of the continuous effort to position the city on the map of Central Eastern Europe (EEC)”.
„In the midst of a health crisis, the Extind team successfully negotiated the bringing of a new outsourcing company to Iasi. ARIADNEXT chose Iasi as the location for its headquarters in Romania, rented 850 square meters of offices for 100 employees in the Centro building. One of the selection criteria for this modern office building was the holding of the international LEED Gold certificate for green buildings. It is a signal of trust that our city receives as a result of our continuous effort to position Iasi on the map of the CEE region as a magnet for IT & Outsourcing companies „, mentioned Dan Zaharia, Extind partner.

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